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The chapel built by King Roger II of Sicily within his palace in Palermo during the mid-twelfth century is an unique example of different artistic traditions living side-by-side: Romanesque architecture, Byzantine mosaics and Islamic painting.
For the first time ever this masterpiece will be illustrated in its entirety and in detail by means of more than 1300 colour photographs taken after the completion of the recent restoration of the chapel. From the marble floor to the paintings of the ceiling – the largest cycle to survive from the medieval Islamic world and, arguably, the most extensive from twelfth-century Europe, yet never published before in such detail and length – from the mosaics to the crypt, the seventeenth volume of the Mirabilia Italiæ series, edited by Beat Break and due to be published in the fall of 2010, will show the Cappella Palatina as it has never been seen before.

La Cappella Palatina a Palermo edited by Beat Brenk
with contributions by F. Agnello, M. G. Aurigemma, G. Basile, B. Brenk, P. Delogu, T. Dittelbach, F. Gandolfo, A. Iacobini, J. Johns, H. Kessler, P. Pensabene, S. Riccioni, W. Tronzo, G. Wolf;

photographers C. Cerami, D. De Lonti, S. E. Di Miceli, J. Gallegra;
directed by G. Chiaromonte

first volume, first and second tomes
Atlante fotografico
pp. 898;
1333 colour photographs

second volume
Texts. Essays and notes
pp. 400
200 black and white photographs